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Tea is an art; it is more then cultivation, manufacturing, and brewing, it is also about how to savor, and the concepts and ideology behind. Grandpa tea delivers the best works of art and aims to become the central of worldwide premium teas, which spoil your taste buds.

The art made out of heart and skill

Tea is not only a drink, but also a part of the culture and a way of life in Taiwan, Gongfu tea ceremony informally referred to as laoren cha, or "old man tea". The tea master comprehends teas characters to make a cup of irreplaceable one.
This is what『grandpa tea』named for, we learn from the masters, pay our respect to the tradition and continue passing it on.

A professional hand-made tea beverage shop

Grandpa Tea pays attention to all the details from ingredients sourcing to brewing technique, and commits to make only healthy, natural and no additives tea beverages. Furthermore, it devotes to the Renaissance of tea culture in the young generations with Grandpa quality teas.

Guaranteed Quality

Grandpa tea adopts a cautious attitude to brew the tea liquid everyday. In order to brew the best aroma and flavor out of tea, we require accurate numbers of the water temperature, infusion time, and tea to water ratio. Grandpa tea insists to re-brew tea liquid in every four hours to keep the tea always in the best condition.
Five times shaking is our key to keep the tea strength during the beverage making process; it mixes the tea liquid evenly with ice cubes and sugar and slow down the speed of ice melting.
The sweetness in our tea beverages is either sucrose or 100% pure and natural honey from the local farm which rich the flavor without the burden of health.

Grandpa tea provides original certificates of all our tea; an attitude to respect the tea and our customers is one of our principles. Every cup of tea we serve is healthy and authentic.

Grandpa tea uses 100% pure lychee honey that has no additions and antibiotic. It is from the bee field farm in Zhongliao, Nantou, Taiwan where is an uncontaminated mountain area. The farmer believes that only fresh air, clean water, and natural farming can produce the quality honey. The tea honey series is an icon of Grandpa tea, which perfectly mixes aromatic tea and palatable honey.

Grandpa tea chooses single origin milk from the local croft, which is 100% pure milk without adding any artificial additives to increase the flavor and extend the validity period. Our fresh milk tea and coffee series are made out of this tasteful milk.



Grandpa tea selects the 100% pure

honey and premium tea collections

with delicate packaging which contain

our original intention of healthy and

guaranteed ingredients. Our gift packs

suit for yourself and as a giveaway.

  • 爺茶pinkoi禮品館


  • 花好月圓 茶蜜禮盒


  • 金鑲紅烏龍茶葉(20g)179



  • 金鑲紅烏龍茶袋(3gx10入)239



  • 白桃風味烏龍茶包(9gx10入)239



  • 黑葉荔枝蜂蜜230gx2(瓶)+禮盒

    Grandpa's Honey–[Bee Good]

    來自南投中寮的黑葉荔枝蜂蜜,位於山區環境未受汙染,空氣清淨水質純淨,因此培育出如此純粹的蜂蜜。 蜂場堅持不餵食抗生素,並且於單一荔枝樹種的山區進行採集。秉持著「因為天然,所以養生」的信念,堅持產出100%的黑葉荔枝蜜。

  • 黑葉荔枝蜂700gx1(瓶)+禮盒

    Grandpa's Honey–[Bee Good]

    來自南投中寮的黑葉荔枝蜂蜜,位於山區環境未受汙染,空氣清淨水質純淨,因此培育出如此純粹的蜂蜜。 蜂場堅持不餵食抗生素,並且於單一荔枝樹種的山區進行採集。秉持著「因為天然,所以養生」的信念,堅持產出100%的黑葉荔枝蜜。

  • 十二入茶袋禮盒



  • 東方美人

  • 蜜香紅茶

    【蜜香紅茶】以人工採摘一心二葉所精製而成,是臺灣茶中最為迷人的極品紅茶。能散發出獨一無二的天然果香及蜜香甜味,一入喉立即回甘,茶湯甘甜、醇不生澀、口感圓潤。 蜜香紅茶的栽種環境要求極為嚴苛、必須在完全無農藥的自然環境中成長,讓有小綠葉蟬叮咬,叮咬後茶葉開始萎縮,並與小綠葉蟬唾液中的酵素產生奇妙變化,而產出不同於其他茶種,極其獨特的天然蜜甜味。
  • 碧螺春

    【碧螺春】被譽有四絕之美,即指色、香、味、形四絕,是綠茶中的王道!擁有纖細捲曲的螺形茶葉線條,外觀碧綠,芽尖毫多,乾茶香味清新,茶湯翠美清澈、新鮮香甜,具有一嫩三鮮:色鮮、香鮮、味鮮的特色。此茶屬不發酵綠茶,皆以嫩芽製成, 曾被選為康熙皇帝供品因而改稱【碧螺春】,更添尊貴的高雅氣息。
  • 阿里山烏龍


Unlike other bubble tea shops in the market, Grandpa tea not only provides the best tea beverages and services, but also the cozy and relax spaces.Now, you can also buy honey and tea gift packs in all our branches.

Yitong, Taipei Branch

It’s nearby Changchun Guobin Theater and Siping business district.
●Available for eat in and take-out.
●25 seats ●Free wifi

No.127-3, Yitong St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan

Taipei Ximen Branch
(Close of business)



TEL:(Close of business)
1F., No. 5, Ln. 120, Sec. 2, Wuchang St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan

Yanji, Taipei Branch
(Close of business)

Different from other street shops, GRANDPA is located in the area between Eastern District of Taipei and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. With the new look of its main honey drinks make debut at GRANDPA.

TEL:(Close of business)
No.153-5, Yanji St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan

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